The True

Aryan Nations.

We all live in a world of different cultures made up from many different races and New Zealand is no different to any.

 Multiculturalism does not work and never has, 

We all have our own beliefs and the white race is one of those cultures with many different beliefs and religions.

The Sadistic Souls MC was founded on the belief that we must preserve our culture and way of life for our history, our children and our existence as white men.

Our Leaders who formed our club SS Lightnin' & Richard Butler when we first formed what you see today worldwide which is the True Aryan Nations.

The traditional motorcycle clubs of today consist in a mechanical restoration of the past. In it's infancy, the young, bold, honorable SS, from the first day espoused the stand point that it's idea must be put forth spiritually, but the defense of this spiritual platform must, if necessary be secured by strong arm means. As our forefathers before us, whether they lit there fiery cross, or valiantly waived their swastika, we ride our iron horse, fly holy symbols, we practice rituals and rites. We do not let old laws or rites dictate the tactics or strategies of our new order. Every fraternal order requires a rebirth dictated by ever increasing changing of the times. The Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls mc has entered the arena in a time of necessity. Not for personal gain “ Non Silba Sed Anthar”. The noble Aryan Nations SSMC, like the phoenix, has risen out of the ash of blood, honor and victory of our forefathers, not in the same fashion, but in the ideological sense. Something the traditional MC's and white power world do not practice today. The agenda of the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC is to use its updated tactics and strategies to further our goal “ Total Aryan Victory”! The ANSSMC is the vanguard of the folk being those under our Aryan Nations and the Aux units involved. Our reapers in the sadistic six will insure that we maintain our goal through the Aryan Nations national socialist ideas and polices adopted and instituted into our constitution. Our brothers that join the AN/SSMC must pledge their loyalty to our beloved motorcycle club and become members of OUR TRUE Aryan Nations. We ride as true free Aryan bikers, not as all the traditional MC's of the world. Our men will be of the highest caliber and understand true Aryan ideology through national socialism combined with a free biker lifestyles while staying loyal to our cause.


SS Lightnin'





New Zealand National President



I will Make this very clear for all New Zealander's, We are a 100% club and the only true White Power club in New Zealand that rides bikes, we are an MC club and the Aryan Nation is our None riding club division. Next time you come up to me in public please do not offer me your shit as I do not want your lies, be a fucking Kiwi and be real or fuck off, we do not do crime and nobody dose drugs either so stay the fuck away from us as we want nothing to do with your bullshit, show some fucking pride in your white heritage and stop acting like a junkie because that will not sit right with any of our men.

We have standards that are higher than some and our constitution is of the highest construction, if you are not being who you should be as a white man then you do not have what we want. Honesty is one of our requirements to be consider as a prospect and always has been for the last 20 years of our clubs existence.